Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pics from the last two weeks.

Is this their color or what?

Marie's hair has gotten a few shades lighter and she and Josie actually have about the same color now.

A mermaid.

Lovin' swim lessons.

Cuddling (Josie is getting to be pretty good at taking pictures)!

I always say that Josie and I are going to grow out our hair. The only problem is that it's thick and hot, and neither one of us is much for having it pulled back. So, last week we chopped it:) I love it, Josie really likes it. Our hairdresser, Annie, did a fantastic job. I teared up when she did Josie's. This is her first grown up hair "style". It's all choppy and layered up in the back and suits her to a T!

"This is how I roll"
Too cool...


Mindy Pfohl said...

I loved the pictures!!! GREAT!!! Thanks for sharing! -Mindy

2awesomekidz said...

I love your guy's new do's!! They look awesome!!
Shan, Marie looks soo good!! They are both adorable!! You are soo right, that blue looks great on them!!! Praying for more comfort not just for the kids!!

Michaelene said...

Shannon, these are such GREAT photos! I can't believe how big they're both getting ... Marie's hair is getting lighter. They're such beautiful babies. I love the new hair, Josie looks spunky and super cute - fits her to a "T". You both got great new do's :p

How is harvest coming along? I hope all is well. And I hope Marie's seizures have found their end and that you all are getting a "break" from those horrible things. I send you much love -- big hugs and smoochies for those beautiful girls!

Holly said...

Hey Momma! I love those pictures. That teal blue is definatly their color. The swim lessons look like fun and little Marie in those sunglasses- too cute!!
Hope you guys are doing good this week.