Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Prayer request (s)...

I'm requesting prayers on the behalf of my friend Tamara. Her little girl Abby (Abigail) is 3 and suffers from Down Syndrome, Stroke, Epilepsy and blindness. She is beautiful, the cutest smile. They are New York at the moment seeing specialists and in order to control Abby's seizures there is a possibility the doctors may need to remove the right side of her brain. Please pray for comfort for her parent's, strength, wisdom of the doctors, and all other good things. You can visit them here.

In other news, Marie is not doing well today. She had a reaction to the sodium bicarbonate and it's caused her to be really lethargic, her seizures are out of control, we're nearing 25 and they're stronger. The last was nearly three minuets with a few periods where she held her breath for longer than 8 seconds (that's a long time if you're counting). I've been on the phone with the docs and will take her to the ER if necessary. We've already done one emergency dose of clonazepam. Please pray this passes soon and it's nothing more than a hard time teething and a reaction to her med (which will pass on it's own).

Much love-


Michaelene said...

My Prayers and love are with you and with Abby.

2awesomekidz said...

We are praying lots!!