Saturday, July 26, 2008

Please Pray

There are no words. Sweet Landon is worsening, his family has gathered round. He is with his Mommy, Daddy and big sister Paige. Things are uncertain for them at this point, I know that they are frightened. I pray for peace, for comfort for all of them, for these hours and moments to be precious.

Tami, we've only been friends a short time but I love you like a sister. You are all in my heart.

Please pray for the Weatherby family in these, some very dark hours. I'm uncertain of what to pray for completely, I just know they are walking a dark road, one that we will someday walk as well. Our love to them!


Holly said...

Bittersweet.. I am so blessed to know you and Tami and so sad that this is your common bond.
I am praying for them and you.. as I can only imagine your feelings as you watch Landon slipping away. I wish I had words of comfort tonight... oddly enough I am finding comfort in your words. I do know that God uses us as a light... you are a light Shan. Thank you.

Mindy Pfohl said...

Shan, Thank you for your beautiful entries. You minister to my heart so much! I am praying for little Landon and the family. I could only imagine what they are feeling and going through. Your last post says it all "Be still and know that I Am." In these moments, you have to trust He knows best even when it hurts to watch and hurts to wait. Only God knows what He has for Landon and why. My heart hurts with all of you though. It is so unfair to watch our babies suffer! We love you all! -Mindy