Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Please keep Landon in your prayers. For over a week he has been struggling, and it seems that things are getting worse. They are currently giving him meds just to keep him comfortable as there isn't much else that they can do. Please pray for peace for Landon, and comfort for his Mommy Tami and big sister Paige. Please let them know that they are not alone, that God is with them in this, and that so many are thinking and praying for them.

Ps 31:9 -
Be merciful to me, O Lord, for I am in distress; my eyes grow weak with sorrow, my soul and my body with grief.


Michaelene said...

Praying...I'm saddened reading this. Sweet Jesus, be near.

Holly said...

Thank you for posting this Shan. It breaks my heart as I know it does to all who read this. I think the verse you wrote is perfect.