Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Doing better (fingers crossed!)

I took Josie for her re-check yesterday, and her white blood cells are lower! That means she's getting better:) Praise God!

We still need to lay low for another day or so I think, but last night she didn't seem to have a fever anymore and today she ate scrambled egg and grapes for breakfast. She has had very little appetite.

I'm hoping we've rounded the bend!

Luke is still in the field, 6 quarters to go, three of which still have millet on them so he'll be busy another week is my guess. Both girls are missing him a little bit. On a normal day he's gone by 6 not home till 8, and when he walks in the door you'd think a rock star just entered the building!

So far Rie is doing great, she's not showing any signs of a bug, and tomorrow will be her very last day on seizure medicine! We are nearly done weaning off that stuff and I could just dance! She is so much more alert, present, talking, just fun! I love spending my days with her.

So, that's where we're at:)

Can you believe its fall already??!


Kirstie said...

Glad to hear everyone is doing better! I'm sure you ar doing a crazy dance about marie's seizure meds. Big hugs to the whole family


Holly said...

I am so glad she is almost done with the seizure meds, I bet she is so much more alert! I am jumping for joy for you. Happy that Josie is doing better too! xoxo

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

How great that Josie is feeling better! I am happy for your and Marie, getting off seizure meds is huge!!

Mindy Pfohl said...

*happy dance* Yeah!!! -Mindy

Michaelene said...

YAAAAAAY for no more seizure meds and for Josie perking up and getting those counts lower ;)
Daddies are so amazing, aren't they? You would think the world stops spinning when Matt walks in the door - I totally understand the wonderful chaos of daddy walking in the door!!
Love to you all!

A Farmer's Wife said...

YAY!!! I'm so glad your daughter is better!!!

I love the differences we have in agriculture...what are 'quarters'? How many acres is in each quarter? We just refer to everything here as fields...I'm wondering if a quarter is a quarter of a section? I love learning all of this!

The VW's said...

Glad to hear that she's feeling better!

And, off seizure meds? That's awesome! I know how sedating they can be! It's hard to see your child that way! Gavin was on 3 seizure meds at one time, but is down to 1 now and he's so much more alert!

God Bless You!