Saturday, September 13, 2008

More of the same...

Marie is doing about the same today, happy and smiling but with lots of congestion. She napped well, from 2-4:30 or so but woke up and had to cough a lot. It's hard to listen to because she coughs a few times and then just starts choking.

To some it might seem like we're over-reacting, after all, it's just a cold. Unfortunately, there are so many children with mitochondrial disease who have lost their battle all due to a cold. Because Marie is so weak and cannot cough to bring anything up she would need to be suctioned (very unpleasant, and it would become something that would have to be done all the time) or her lungs will "fill up" with fluid (pneumonia like) and, well, you know what the outcome could be.

So, her having to cough at all is hard. But, like I said, we're holding steady. Still doing benedryl, and we did have a BM last night! Thanks again for all the prayers, we are blessed!

In other news, Josie had a great time at her first game! When she got home we hurried to change clothes and then she was off to a Hannah Montana birthday party. Don't worry, I took pictures, they rock ;)


Mindy Pfohl said...

Shan- You are absolutely NOT over reacting and I pray that those who don't understand would be compassionate any ways. Colds are TERRIFYING! You hang in there and just trust that God is holding your sweet baby close and singing songs of love to her! We love you! Hugs from all of us! -Mindy

Michaelene said...

Hey sweetheart! I hope you guys got some good rest last night and that little ray of sunshine is getting better & better with each passing minute.
Glad to hear Josie had a great first game!! Woo-hoo Josie!! Can't wait to see pictures.
Praying for your sweet girl, always!