Wednesday, September 17, 2008

There were moments in the last week that I literally knew God was beside us. In the middle of the night an anxious prayer "God please, put Your hands on her, help her get some rest" was answered by a child going to sleep in moments peacefully (and without nursing!). The ability to say, "Lord, it's in Your hands" and sit back and be awash in peace instantly, these things are so incredibly comforting as we struggled through some of the roughest times in recent months.

But, she is better! Occasionally stuffy, but no cough, bright eyes. Talking more than we've heard in months. We're nearly off the seizure meds now and seeing such a difference in Marie. THANK GOD! He is as work here, if I can be good, and BE STILL, I can feel him. I can see His work. Marie is doing so well again, acting much like any other child. To see her alert, to grin when she does something she knows she shouldn't, to have a "conversation" with her again, there was a time when I honestly never thought these were things she'd be doing. Her smiles are just enormous right now, and I'm eating them up!

If you get a chance visit my friend Mindy's blog, One Day At A Time. Both of her children were very sick, both diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease. In recent months they have both turned around. She firmly believes a miracle happened, and I think she's right.

While our miracle may not be on so grand a scale, Marie pulled through this cold without slowing down. She's smiling and doing so much better than she was in the spring, she's still sick, still fragile, but, she's doing so well. We're pretty grateful.

Josie, as always, is fantastic. She told me the other day, "Do you know that God lives next door to Cinderella?" Really. "Yes, He and Jesus live right next door to Cinderella's blue house. They live in a white house." How do you know that? "Because I've been there."

Children are totally amazing.

Thank you all for your prayers, and kind wonderful words.


Mindy Pfohl said...

Shan- You brought me to tears! Thank you for sharing about the kids, but more importantly, your miracle is just as grand! I have seen what Mito does to a child with sickness and it isn't easy! It is hard to trust and to wait. I remember many days sititng by Joey's bedside and pleading with God for one more night, for him to touch him just one more time... He did that this week with little Marie especially to hear how much better she is doing and she didn't fall back. t hat is a TRUE MIRACLE and girl, you have every right to shout from the roof tops because it is an amazing and awesome God we serve and he loves every little child so much! I'm sure Marie has heard His songs of comfort! Hugs! We love you! -Mindy

Michaelene said...

Praise God! I am so, so happy to hear that she's getting past the crud this week. My continued Prayers over Marie and your wonderful family. Hugs and kisses...

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear the good words from you. Praise God is right!

Who wouldn't want to live next to Cinderella? That would be my first choice--God has it figured out. :-)

Holly said...

I am so encouraged by this. God Bless!