Thursday, September 25, 2008

What we've been up to...

Let's see... no more seizure meds (have I mentioned that? I am thrilled!). Josie is still battling the fever, last night it was 101.6 at bedtime... today is going on the 8th day. All her tests came back negative and white cells are down so it's just sort of wait and see... she's acting better today. She even got sassy with me this morning.

Marie is fantastic, she's so busy, and started chewing on her paci again in the last few weeks. Also, yesterday she was chewing on my finger and the little stinker cut a molar! On the left bottom side it just broke skin. No wonder she's been a little fussy the last few days! I have been looking for eye teeth to come through, definitely not a molar. I suppose that Marie just likes to do things her own way silly girl!

Today is our anniversary. We were married by law January 14, 2004, right before Josie was born, but today is the day we had our wedding in church, September 25, 2004. Not at all confusing right? Would you believe that Luke has never forgotten either anniversary, but last year I forgot this one. Oops! He won't let me live it down!

In so few years we have come such a long way, I am so blessed to have him by my side. Things were not easy when we started, young, in college with new baby. When we came back to farm it was during some rough years, and in the last year especially we've come through a lot together. I don't think I'd make it without him.

So, I changed my song just for you. The whole moon and the stars.

Now, what we've been up to, in no particular order!

Chocolate pudding happened... do you think she enjoyed it?

Telling Daddy all about it...

Josie is so pretty, her hair is getting darker all the time.

This is what soccer girls wear before their game. Notice the ponytails complete with ribbons?

She's the green shirt furthest left, once again, look for those pony tails!

Pedicures always make us feel better!

Marie too!

Lovin' on the Bunny Man!

Marie and her Monkey. In the last week this has become one of her favorites, the funny part is, that monkey is nearly as big as she is!

Marie + Monkey= Friends 4 ever!


Michaelene said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY My dear, dear friend! So many blessings being wished upon you both in the coming years - and your beautiful family, too.
These pictures have warmed my heart something wonderful! I am so glad the seizure meds are done and that you are able to have more with Marie ... sigh ... brings tears to my eyes, I'm so happy for you!
And Josie, little Josie Bear. How cute are you?! Love the ribboned ponytails. I need classes on fixing little girls hairdo's - I'm seriously challenged at that.
Marie and her little cheeky monkey - I tell you what, big ol' tears in my eyes from such happy pictures!
Thank you for sharing. My love to you all.

RC said...

Oh adorable...
Happy anniversary Shan and Luke!

Holly said...

Happy Anniversary!
I love those pictures! I love your tattoo! :) I love the monkey pictures! I love them all!!!!

Tamara said...

Hey girl, happy anniversary! Love all the photos! I am so relieved that you all are at a point in life where you can breathe! God is good to provide us these times, enjoy! I love the toes, pudding and smiles! Keep it up, relish the fun! Think of you often! Tam

*nat* said...

These pix are the best :D
I should send Josie some new bows to wear to soccer! She looks so cute in piggytails~I can finally put them in my little gal's hair so it's bows ALL the time around here :D
And I wanted to say I Love the Palin button on your page too! I met her/shook hands at a rally a couple weeks ago! Awesome Awesome Lady!