Monday, September 22, 2008

Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week - September 21-27, 2008

Mitochondrial Disease affects 1 in every 4000 people. Mitochondria are tiny “engines” that live inside our cells and they are responsible for converting food and oxygen into energy. When the mitochondria aren’t working properly the cells don’t get enough energy to live, and they begin to die. Many parts of the body can be affected by deficient Mitochondria including the liver, kidneys, eyes, digestive system, brain, and the heart. Mitochondrial disease is not a simple disease, it can affect any organ, it is progressive, and to date has no cure, but with awareness comes power, and a cure.

For more information please go to MitoAction. Also, please copy and forward this to everyone you know. Our lives have been forever changed by Mitochondrial Disease, and more families struggle to understand the diagnosis everyday, part of the battle is that so many have never even heard of Mitochondrial Disease. Please join me in raising some awareness!

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