Friday, September 19, 2008

What the?!

So, yesterday I was thinking life was in control. The girls were rebounding well from their colds, and then... Josie complained that her tummy was hurting. Then I noticed Josie had a fever, then I decided to keep Josie home from preschool. All day she complained about her tummy, had a fever and didn't want to eat.

Last night she woke up around 1:30 still complaining about her stomach, and still with a fever. This morning she was nearly in tears about it so I took her to the clinic. Marie stayed home with a good friend. At the clinic Josie started throwing up, quite the feat considering she hadn't eaten all day. Her fever was at 101 and her heart rate and breathing were rapid/elevated. The doc sent us for chest x rays and blood work (just guess how much fun that was, really. My girl, she can scream). Apparently her lungs are okay, but her white cell count is really high indicating there's some sort of infection going on.

So.... I have to keep Marie and Josie in separate rooms away from each other. If I touch Josie I have to wash my hands before I can touch Marie. Josie is all set up in her bedroom with the portable DVD player and movies, I moved Marie's diaper stuff into Luke and I's room (she sleeps with us anyway). Until Josie's fever breaks and she's doing better I have to keep them separated. Sigh, there is no rest for the wicked.

To top it off, the cherry on my ice cream sunday of crappy luck, if Josie starts having trouble breathing or spikes a fever around 104 I have to bring her into the ER immediately. The doc mentioned pneumonia, but her lungs are okay, so he's a little confused. I also have to take her in tomorrow for blood work to see if her white cell count is still the same.

Luke is in the field, and will be, needs to be to get the wheat in and the millet out, so I'll be figuring this one out on my own... To add even more fun to the pile, Marie is refusing to nap again today, this is the third day in a row. Arg!

I checked Marie's temp when I gave her noon meds and she's got a low grade fever, around 99 or so. Hopefully tylenol kicks it and she is not getting whatever it is that Josie has. Please pray that Marie stays healthy.

I am so over cold and flu season, and it hasn't even really started yet.


A Farmer's Wife said...

I am so sorry your kids are sick! Nothing worse than sick kids and I think it sounds awful having to keep them seperated!!!

I am happy to meet a fellow Colorado farm wife! My husband is frantically planting wheat too! We are getting ready to start our third cutting of alfalfa and we need the wheat planted before we start that marathon! We are in the SW part of the state...near the 4 corners...where are y'all?

What is millet? I have never heard of that crop so I am anxious to learn!

I hope your girls are better soon!!! Hang in there!!!

RC said...

Hang in there. Only control what you can and take deep breaths.
I always think about and pray for the little ones, and of course you and Luke.

Michaelene said...

Oh Crap!! (excuse the colorful words)
bless her little pea-pickin heart, I am so sorry that Josie is now sick, again! Dang preschool - I already know that's where she picked it up because everyone knows you're the anti-germ guru. I hope and Pray with all that I am that this comes nowhere near Marie ... and I hope and Pray that the doc can figure out what this is and get Josie better! Hopefully, it's something they can treat with antibiotics and get her uncontagious and feeling better, QUICK.
Oh honey, let me know if I can do anything for you, besides the obvious. Thinking about you all ... sending lots of get better heebies!

Mindy Pfohl said...

Oh man! No good! We are praying! Hang in there! We are here if you need us! We are sharing the kids story on Sunday. If you want to watch our 1030 service is when we are doing it. you can watch live from Hugs!!! -Mindy

Holly said...

Not wicked, weary... no rest of the weary...
I hope Josie starts feeling better and it is nothing too serious. Please keep us updated.
I will pray that sweet Marie doesn't get this illness.
Thinking and praying for you all tonight.

2awesomekidz said...

Oh Shan!! That sucks so much!! You are soo very tough and I know you will tackle the task (even though it sucks!) Being a parent is soo very difficult in ordinary circumstances but not ordinary is soo very difficult!! Please, call me if you need help!! I will drive over there and give you a break!! I am serious!!
Love you guys!

Violet said...

I will be praying! Did the check her appendix? My sister and I both had our out within months of each other.... My symptoms were a little odd but, I did have fever and high white blood counts. I was in so much pain it caused me to throw up.

Poor Josie!