Saturday, September 20, 2008


Josie is feeling better today. Despite throwing up overnight she got up and asked for a waffle, and then she ate it :)

Luke's Mom is here helping with Marie, and I took Josie to the hospital at 10 for the recheck with the doctor. They did another blood draw and her white blood cell count is still really high. However, she has no temp, no more tummy aches, and is active and alert. He ordered two more blood draws and I asked what they're looking for. One of the nurses told me that they're culturing for bacteria in her blood, they'll have those results on Tuesday for us when I bring Jo back for yet another recheck. The doctor is concerned by the high white blood cell count so they're sort of just covering all their bases, making sure there's nothing to worry about, especially since we are so rural.

So for now, if we see Josie do anything that raises a question we bring her back in to the doc, otherwise we just watch her and bring her back for a recheck Tuesday. The thought is that her body just over-reacted to an infection and that's all this is. Once again, just being careful.

Josie doens't like blood draws. This morning was awesome considering there was a total of three done.

So far, Marie is doing just fine, she's napping right now (woohooo!). So, I've got to get some things done.

Thanks for all the prayers,


Michaelene said...

I don't like blood draws either - I'm the worst patient when it comes to pokies, so I understand poor Josie not wanting to get poked! Glad to hear she's feeling a bit better today =). Glad to hear that little stinker (Marie) finally decided to go napping, today, too! You're all in my Prayers.

Mindy Pfohl said...

Yeah!! I'm glad to hear that so far she is improving even with the elevated counts! Praying for those to come down and every one to be happy and healthy there! Hugs! -Mindy